Maui Grown Remedies, located on the slopes of Maui’s sacred Haleakala volcano, holds the distinction of being the first company in Hawai`i licensed by the Department of Health to process and sell hemp-derived products. Our team originates from the state’s trailblazing medical cannabis licensee "Maui Grown Therapies," recognized for its evidence-based commitment to product development and patient education overseen by physicians and scientists led by Chief Science Officer Dr. Andrew Weil.

Our Product Development Cycle

We prioritize the validation of our products by carefully validating their effectiveness. When we mention being "clinician trusted," it's because our product development process involves collaborating with clinicians to conduct consumer trials. This approach enables us to gather self-reported data from consumers regarding the product's efficacy and also discuss any observable outcomes from the clinicians' perspective. Although we include clinicians in our product validation studies, these are not clinical trials. 

What is the difference between a consumer trial and a clinical trial?

Consumer trials typically focus on non-medical products such as cosmetics, food items, or household goods. The main goal is to gather feedback from potential users about their experiences with the product. Participants in consumer trials are usually selected to represent a target market, and they provide insights into aspects like usability, satisfaction, and overall appeal. These trials are less regulated than clinical trials and may be conducted in everyday settings like homes or workplaces. The findings help companies refine their products to better meet consumer needs and preferences.

In contrast, clinical trials are highly regulated studies designed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of medical interventions, such as new drugs, medical devices, or treatment protocols. These trials are conducted in multiple phases, starting with small-scale Phase I trials to assess safety, moving to larger Phase II and III trials to evaluate effectiveness and monitor side effects, and culminating in Phase IV post-marketing studies. Clinical trials must adhere to strict ethical standards and regulatory requirements, often involving institutional review boards (IRBs) and informed consent from participants. The outcomes of clinical trials are critical for gaining regulatory approval and ensuring that new medical interventions are safe and effective for public use.

In summary, while both consumer and clinical trials aim to test and improve products, they differ significantly in their focus, methodology, and regulatory oversight. Consumer trials provide valuable insights into everyday products from a user perspective, whereas clinical trials are essential for advancing medical science, ensuring public health and safety and getting drug approval from the FDA.

What is the intended use of Maui Grown Remedies products?

Maui Grown Remedies products are intended to improve general wellness in the context of daily activities. Our products are NOT intended to treat or cure any disease. If you have a medical condition or are taking any medications, please speak with your physician before trying any products containing cannabinoids.

The FDA has outlined that “taking CBD with other medications -- may increase or decrease the effects of other medications, which may lead to more side effects from, or decreased effectiveness of, the other medications.”